The 2014 CSA Program

What Does CSA Mean?:

A CSA is a Community Supported Agriculture program that connects customers directly with a local farmer. By signing up for a weekly box, you can avoid going to a busy supermarket or farmers' market, and enjoy the convenience of getting a variety of vegetables without all the hassle. Members will be asked to pay up front. You will then receive numerous vegetables in each box every week of the growing season. There will be a designated location for you to come pick up your CSA box.

Why are CSA boxes important?

What will be included in the CSA Box?

A selection of vegetables are included in the CSA Box. Here are a few types that your box will contain:

For further reading on CSA, go to the Ontario CSA Directory.

*More information regarding prices, season length, and sign-up deadlines for the 2014 Season will be coming soon.